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Bradenton Family Law Divorce Lawyers

The Bradenton family law lawyers with McDermott Law Offices have helped more than 2,000 clients over the past two decades. So, to say our divorce lawyers in Bradenton FL are experienced would be a pretty big understatement. You won’t find a group of family law lawyers in Bradenton FL who have more skill, or are more passionate about giving their clients the very best representation they can possibly give. Here are the answers to some of the more common questions our Bradenton divorce lawyers receive regarding child support.


Can My Payments Change?

Yes, they can. Your Bradenton family law lawyers may be able to help you get your payments adjusted, but you’ll have to show that you’ve gone through a significant change in your financial circumstances since the child support order was first established. You’ll need divorce lawyers in Bradenton FL to prove, for example, that you lost your job, you can’t work due to an injury or illness, or that your income has been substantially reduced for some other reason that wasn’t your fault.


There is a chance that your payments could actually increase if your situation has changed for the better. Your ex-spouse may petition the court to raise what you owe. If that’s the case, your family law lawyers in Bradenton FL can work to help deny that petition.


My Child is Spending More Time at My Home. Can My Payments Be Modified?

There is a chance that divorce lawyers in Bradenton FL could help modify your payments. In generally, your payments could possibly be lowered if the child is spending 20 percent or more of their nights with you. That means you’re paying more for food and other expenses. Bradenton divorce lawyers may be able to help you validate that you should pay less for support as a result.


When Will My Child Support Obligations End?

In most cases, you will no longer have to pay child support when the child either graduates from high school or turns 18. If the child has special needs, however, or there are other special circumstances, where your payments may continue.


Call McDermott Law Offices at (941) 225-2550 if you would like to ask our Bradenton family law lawyers any questions. You can also use our online contact form to get in touch.

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