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Sarasota Alimony Attorneys

Many people get in touch with Sarasota alimony attorneys without really understanding a whole lot about how the process works. The alimony lawyers in Sarasota FL with McDermott Law Offices will not only show you what to expect, we may also be able to help you modify your arrangement if you’re not happy with the original court mandate. Our alimony attorneys in Sarasota FL will always prioritize communication, and will always advocate for what is in your best interests.


What is Alimony?

When you speak with Sarasota alimony attorneys, they might start bombarding you with a lot of confusing information. It’s important that your Sarasota alimony lawyers step back for a minute, and give you the basics first. Here’s a brief overview of what alimony entails.


Alimony is basically a way to ensure that one of the spouses in a former marriage gets the financial resources they need until they can fully support themselves. Alimony lawyers in Sarasota FL can sometimes help if one of the parties feels they’re either not receiving enough, or are paying too much.


Alimony attorneys in Sarasota FL will sometimes use the term “maintenance” when discussing these payments. But maintenance and alimony are the same thing. When you work with our Sarasota alimony lawyers, you’ll always be able to count on straight talk, without us using any complex language.


It’s important to remember that your alimony lawyers in Sarasota FL make sure you know that maintenance payments aren’t meant to “punish” one of the ex-spouses. They’re merely in place because one of the spouses will typically have more skills and resources necessary to support themselves. Alimony is more a way to “level the playing field,” in a manner of speaking.


Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions, the Sarasota alimony attorneys with McDermott Law Offices will be here to answer them. When you choose our firm, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to make sure your rights are protected at every turn. Learn more by calling (941) 225-2550 or using our online contact form.

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