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Sarasota Family And Divorce Attorneys

The Sarasota family and divorce attorneys with McDermott Law Offices have helped more than 2,000 clients over the past two decades. During that time, we’ve seen just about every different type of family law cases that exists. When you work with our family and divorce attorneys in Sarasota FL, you can rest assured we’ll have the experience and skill needed to help you find the most satisfactory resolution possible.


Time Sharing and Divorce

We are Sarasota family and divorce attorneys completely understand how emotional of a time this is in your life. A divorce can be an incredibly painful process, with our without children involved. When they are, things can get even more stressful – and even more complicated. But our family and divorce attorneys in Sarasota FL will do everything we can to take as much stress and frustration out of the process as possible.


If there are children, it’s important to know that the court will usually give one parent time sharing, the term Florida law uses instead of child custody. There could be equal time-sharing, but typically one parent will have more than the other. The court will only take one thing into consideration when determining your time-sharing arrangement – what it feels will be in the children’s best interests.


Child Support

If the court determines that you will be the so-called “minority time sharer,” or the non-custodial parent, you will likely have to pay child support. There are many different factors that will go into determining how much support you’ll be expected to provide. Our firm of family and divorce attorneys in Sarasota FL will do everything we can to make sure the amount you pay will be equitable. We may also be able to help you modify your child support arrangement if you feel that the court has ruled unfairly.


Schedule a Consultation

If you’re looking for Sarasota family and divorce attorneys, feel free to reach out to us. Just use our online form or call (941) 225-2550.

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