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Sarasota Family Law Divorce Lawyers

There are a lot of ways the Sarasota family law lawyers with McDermott Law Offices can help. Our divorce lawyers in Sarasota FL have more than 20 years of experience, and we always prize communication with our clients. When you turn to our family law lawyers in Sarasota FL, we will keep you thoroughly informed at all times, and we will always work to preserve your rights as well. We work with Sarasota divorce lawyers who are passionate about protecting our clients’ best interests – that’s exactly what we’ll do for you.



If you are contemplating a divorce, our Sarasota family law lawyers will be ready to help. Since we live in a “no fault” state when it comes to divorce, you don’t have to prove that you were abused, or your spouse committed adultery. All you need to do is state that the marriage is either irretrievably broken, or that you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences.


But you’ll still need the help of skilled divorce lawyers in Sarasota FL. The reason is that a divorce can sometimes be complex. This will especially be true when it comes to the division of not only assets, but also debts. Of course, there are other matters to be addressed as well, including child support and alimony. Our experienced family law lawyers in Sarasota FL will help you navigate all of the complexities.


Time Sharing

Two of the more common terms in a divorce involving children are “visitation” and “custody.” But Florida law no longer uses those terms – instead, it uses “time sharing.” But whatever you call it, spouses often have serious disagreements regarding how long each parent will be able to spend with their children. Our Sarasota divorce lawyers will work hard in an effort to help make sure your time sharing arrangement meets your desires.



There is no standard formula Florida law uses to determine alimony. The amount is typically determined by one spouse’s needs, and the other’s ability to pay. Divorce lawyers in Sarasota FL can make sure that the court has all of the information it needs to make the most equitable decision.


If you would like to speak with the Sarasota family law lawyers with McDermott Law Offices, contact us online or call (941) 225-2550.

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