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Bradenton Alimony Attorneys

There are a lot of ways that the Bradenton alimony attorneys with McDermott Law Offices can be of assistance. One of the biggest ways our alimony lawyers in Bradenton FL can help is by taking complex concepts and making them very easy to understand. You’d be surprised at how many alimony attorneys in Bradenton FL don’t do that. They use a bunch of legalese to make themselves sound more intelligent, but all they really do is confuse their clients. You’ll never have to worry about that when you choose one of our Bradenton alimony lawyers.


Different Types of Alimony

If you’ve been speaking with different Bradenton alimony attorneys, you may have heard about the different types of alimony that are available in Florida. Alimony lawyers in Bradenton FL should help you determine the one that’s best for your specific situation.


Before getting into some of these types, it’s important to understand what the state considers to be a short-term, moderate-term or long-term marriage. The length of your marriage will play a major role in determining how much you’ll receive, or how much you’ll pay. A short-term marriage is defined as lasting fewer than seven years. A moderate-term marriage lasts between 7-17 years, while a long-term marriage lasts 17 years or longer.


Alimony attorneys in Bradenton FL should cover the following kinds of alimony when explaining how they may be able to help. Here’s a brief look at each.


  • Temporary – This is usually awarded while the divorce is ongoing. Once proceedings end, it will typically be replaced by another type.


  • Bridge-the-gap – Also known as “transitional” alimony, it provides support to a spouse to help them move from being married to being single.

  • Rehabilitative – This can provide money for a spouse who needs to take classes, or participate in vocational programs to learn the skills needed to be able to support themselves.


  • Durational – Many clients of alimony lawyers in Bradenton FL will receive this form of support. It’s usually awarded to spouses who were in short- or moderate-term marriages.


  • Permanent – As the name implies, this will last as long as the receiving spouse doesn’t remarry. It usually applies to moderate- or long-term marriages.


Talk to Our Bradenton Alimony Lawyers to Learn More

You can contact the Bradenton alimony attorneys with McDermott Law Offices online, or you can call (941) 225-2550.

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