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Bradenton Child Custody Attorneys

How can you have the best possible idea that you’ve chosen the best Bradenton child custody attorneys? At McDermott Law Offices, we’re biased. We truly believe we have the best child custody attorneys in Bradenton FL. But we also know that you are still in process of making your decision. One way you can be as confident as possible in your eventual choice is to not be afraid to ask questions of your prospective legal representatives.


Questions to Keep in Mind

Again, you should not hesitate to ask the tough questions of any Bradenton child custody attorneys you’re considering. After all, this is an incredibly important choice – one that will have ramifications for years to come. These are just a few to consider.


  • Does your firm specialize in family law? – The last thing you’ll want is to decide to go with child custody attorneys in Bradenton FL who just dabble in this area of the law. You want someone who practices family law full time. That way you can be confident they will have the experience it takes to help you realize the best possible outcome in your case.


  • Who will handle my case? – If you’re scheduling a consultation, you want to make sure the person you’re talking to will be the actual person who will represent you should you hire their firm. When choosing among child custody attorneys in Bradenton FL, having a good relationship will be critical. You don’t want to simply be passed to someone else you haven’t previously talked to.


  • How do you communicate? – Any attorneys worth your while will communicate with you however you wish, and however often you wish. You should have an attorney who will be easy to reach when you need them the most, and they should be willing to respond via text, email or phone – whatever your preference may be.


At McDermott Law Offices, our Bradenton child custody attorneys welcome these and many other questions. You can get in touch by calling (941) 225-2550 or contacting us online whenever you like.

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