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Lakewood Ranch Alimony Attorneys

The Lakewood Ranch alimony attorneys with McDermott Law Offices field a lot of questions. One of the most common things people want to know is whether they will automatically receive (or have to pay) alimony. As all alimony lawyers in Lakewood Ranch FL will tell you, the answer is “no.” If any alimony attorneys in Lakewood Ranch FL ever promise that you’ll get a certain amount of money in payments, you should immediately look for someone else. No ethical Lakewood Ranch alimony lawyers will ever make any kinds of guarantees.


How Much Alimony Will I Have to Pay?

Suppose you’re talking to Lakewood Ranch alimony lawyers because you believe you’ll have to pay your ex-spouse. Again, there’s no guarantee that’s the case. There are a lot of things the court will take into consideration when not only determining if alimony will be paid, but the amount and the duration as well. Our alimony lawyers in Lakewood Ranch FL would like to show you some of these factors.


  • The standard of living you helped establish when you were married.

  • How long the marriage lasted.

  • Each spouse’s physical and mental condition, as well as their age.

  • Each party’s financial resources. These include assets and liabilities that existed before and during the marriage.

  • Both parties’ skills, education, earning capacities and ability to obtain employment. The court may also consider how much time it will take for either spouse to gain the training or education needed to find a job.

  • Alimony attorneys in Lakewood Ranch FL should also tell you that each party’s contribution to the marriage will also be taken into consideration. This can include the work one of the spouse’s put into helping the other build their career.

  • All income sources that either party can access, including investments.


Our Lakewood Ranch Alimony Lawyers are Ready to Help

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with McDermott Law Offices Lakewood Ranch alimony attorneys whenever you want to speak to a true professional. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us online or call (941) 225-2550.

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