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Manatee County Child Custody Attorneys

The Manatee County child custody attorneys with McDermott Law Offices have a lot of years of experience. Our child custody attorneys in Manatee County FL have seen many instances where divorced parents have a really difficult time setting a time sharing schedule during the summer months. There can be last-minute changes, difficulty communicating, and a lot of other issues that can stress everyone out. We’d like to share some information on how you may want to consider navigating these kinds of complexities.

Communicate Early and Often

Our Manatee County child custody attorneys have seen a lot of problems that could have been avoided if the parents had just taken the time to communicate well before they scheduled any kinds of vacations, and long before school let out for the summer. If you have to make changes, get them to your ex-spouse as soon as you can. It will also be important that you maintain as much flexibility as possible, and you be willing to meet in the middle. If you have any questions, our child custody attorneys in Manatee County FL may be able to help.


Stay Consistent With Your Schedule

Another thing to keep in mind will be to try to keep your child’s schedule as consistent as possible during summer. Not only will this help reduce stress for your children, it will do the same thing for you. Try to stay consistent with visits, meals and even bedtimes.


Stay Positive

McDermott Law Offices work with child custody attorneys in Manatee County FL that have seen far too many instances where one parent will talk badly about the other when they have the child. That does nothing but create a great deal of friction. Summertime should be a time of joy for your child. Try not to let conflict interfere with that.


McDermott Law’s Manatee County child custody attorneys are ready to help if you need us. Just give us a call at (941) 225-2550, or use our convenient online form to get in touch. We look forward to helping you.

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